Vern's SIRDS Gallery
Vern's SIRDS Gallery is a collection of Single Image (Random Dot) Stereograms. (Not all of them are Random Dot.) This is a privately maintained collection and is not endorsed or supported by anyone other than Vern Hart. It was created on April 12, 1994.

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What's New? July 28, 1996

Stereograms featured in a Borderline comic!
If you want to learn more about SIRDS, read the SIRDS FAQ.
Optrix, Inc. has created glasses for viewing stereograms!
Click to see thumbnails for the following authors. I've chosen to categorize the Gallery by author. Please note that I have the nasty habit of using the acronym "SIRDS" to refer to SIRDS and SIS.
The Alphabetical Listing is available with thumbnails and without.

Alphabetical Listing (without thumbnails)
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3-D Stereograms Brought to you by

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